Summer Break Custody

Summer is usually the best time to be a kid. School is out for three months, and your parents may be planning on taking you somewhere exciting for vacation. However, if a child’s parents are divorced, summer becomes much more complicated. Many adults never get the summer off anymore, and most of the summer break is spent in summer camp or daycare. However, when one parent has the summer off, he or she may be able to have custody of the kids for a solid three months, if the parenting plan allows it.

When parents divorce, Florida requires them to create a parenting plan before the divorce is finalized. The parenting plan includes information regarding custody, visitation, and even holiday plans for each year. For example, in a parenting plan, parents should decide who gets custody of the child during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and so on.

Summer break is one of the things that should be decided in advance before summer plans become a problem. Parents either will split custody week by week, or one parent will have custody the first half of the season while the other parent has custody during the second half.

Planning this time in advance allows parents to make decisions regarding summer vacation plans. For example, if you wanted to plan a vacation during your custody time, you would schedule all plane flights, hotel reservations, and so on during that period.

Parenting plans aren’t necessarily set in stone, however. If you need to make a small adjustment to custody for the summer, you could get your ex’s agreement to it in writing. If they don’t agree with the change, you could ask a judge for a decision on the matter. However, changing the parenting plan later is much more challenging. Modifying a parenting plan can be lengthy and expensive.

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