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A child who is born to unmarried parents can lead to legal difficulties down the road, whether or not the parents are in a relationship at the time of the birth. Whether you are a single dad or an unmarried father, it is important that you establish paternity and protect your rights as a father to prevent Florida paternity laws landing you in the office of a Clearwater family lawyer.

Before paternity becomes an issue in your relationship, you should reach out to Tinny, Meyer & Piccarreto, P.A. to meet with a knowledgeable Pinellas County family law attorney.

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Protecting Your Father's Rights in Florida

Father and son - Father's rights in Clearwater FL

Any father who is not married to his children’s mother should be aware that his rights as a parent could be in jeopardy. According to Florida law, your rights as a father may be limited if you are not married to the mother at the time of your child's birth.

Even if your name is on your child’s birth certificate as the father, you may have difficulty visiting your child or having a say in his or her upbringing without court involvement. Our Clearwater family law attorneys can help you to establish your rights as a father to prevent trouble in the future.

Proving Paternity to Establish Rights

The first step you must take is to legally prove that you are the father of the child. Fatherhood can be established through a routine DNA paternity test. We may be able to assist you in finding a reputable and affordable DNA testing lab in the Clearwater area. Once you are able to prove you are the father of a child, you should be eligible for the same rights as a married father.

The following are some of the rights that you and your child may be entitled to after a paternity test comes back in your favor:

  • Placing your name on your child’s birth certificate
  • Making decisions about your child’s medical care, education, religion, or other activities
  • Partaking in your child’s activities
  • Seeing your child’s educational and medical records

What is Reasonable Access For a Father?

Technically, there is no actual definition for what reasonable access can be for fathers. Each case is measure differently due to unique circumstances. As most courts will tell you, the primary concern and consideration should be the child and what are in their best interests. You will need to consider the age of the child, schooling arrangements, and work commitments of yourself before discussing reasonable access. A father should try and work around the child so that there are limited disruptions.

Can a Father Take a Child Away From the Mother?

If a father has sole custody of the child, they are able to make all of the important decisions on their own. These decisions include things like healthcare and schooling. If the mother seems to be an unfit parent, the father may also elect to file a suit against her claiming that the child is living in an unsafe environment. These lawsuits can be extremely complex so we urge you to speak with our attorney about this in more detail.

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