Can You Modify a Divorce Decree in Florida?

When certain circumstances significantly change, you can file a petition to modify the terms of your divorce decree. Although it may seem like the terms of your divorce decree are final forever, a judge can modify them at any time if they believe there is substantial cause to do so.

Pursuing a post-judgment modification for divorce, however, requires assistance from an experienced attorney. Your lawyer can provide the legal counsel you need to fully understand your rights whether you seek a modification or intend to defend against your ex-spouse’s petition.

What Can I Modify After My Divorce Is Settled?

Almost any aspect of your divorce decree can be reconsidered by the court at a later date. That said, most post-judgment modifications focus on alimony, child custody, and child support.

Qualifying for a Post-Judgment Modification

As previously mentioned, the reason for requesting a modification to your divorce decree must be substantial enough to warrant the modification. That often requires a significant change in the circumstances surrounding an issue previously decided in court.

Examples of significant changes in circumstances can include the following:

  • A change in either ex-spouse’s income of 15% or greater
  • A child’s development of a disability or need for increased medical care
  • A parent’s substantial relocation (in distance) from the other parent
  • The remarriage or cohabitation of a person receiving alimony

A petition for a post-judgment modification is unlikely to succeed if someone is merely upset with the terms of their divorce decree. In this case, how someone feels about how a judge ruled on issues in their divorce is not what a modification is for; rather, such feelings and disagreements with the court can be addressed in an appeal.

Get Help for Post-Judgment Modification

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