How to Change Custody Orders in Florida

Custody orders can help parents, as it spells out the rights and responsibilities each parent has so neither has a reason to argue about it. For many divorced couples, the stipulations made in their divorce decree are not exactly as they would wish. With the help of a skilled divorce attorney, you can request modifications to your divorce order and prove you have grounds to do so. That’s because Florida law does not allow one ex-spouse to change child custody arrangement only because they are dissatisfied with the arrangement – they must have appropriate grounds. It’s important that the party who petitions to change their custody orders can make a case for how it would be in the best interest of their children.

Proving You Have Grounds to Modify Your Custody Arrangement

You must prove you have a valid reason to modify your custody arrangement for it to be granted. Generally, a Florida judge will consider modifying a divorce decree’s custody agreement only if:

  • Both parents agree to modify it
  • One parent has a protective order against the other and qualifies for emergency relief
  • Life circumstances have changed, such as a major move, loss of a job, or remarriage of one party to a new spouse

Is it Easy to Change Custody Orders?

Usually, it isn’t a quick process to change custody orders except in emergency situations. That’s why you’ll want to retain the services of an experienced modifications lawyer who can guide you through the process and ensure the needs and desires of your children are met. The quickest and easiest way to modify your custody arrangement s to reach an agreement with your ex-spouse regarding what modifications should be made. Unfortunately, this might not be possible if you have a contentious relationship with your ex-spouse.

Still, it’s unrealistic to assume your life circumstances won’t change before your child turns 18 – maybe you’ll get a new job, marry again, or move across the country. Or, maybe the wishes of your children will change over time, too. In these situations, it’s likely going to change the custody agreement, but always keeping in mind the best interest of your children.

Hire Quality Representation to Modify Your Custody Arrangements

If you would like to modify your custody arrangement, we can help you present a compelling case. Our legal team is eager to help put our ample experience to use to help you request a modification. Our goal is to pursue the best possible outcome while offering the utmost professionalism with our communication and throughout our working attorney/client relationship.

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