Do I Need a Lawyer in an Uncontested Divorce?

In an uncontested divorce, one spouse files for divorce without the other spouse contesting it. When a couple agrees to an uncontested divorce, it is usually because they have found a way to end their marriage amicably, and compromise without an undue amount of fighting or arguing. Many assume that the best way to enter into an uncontested divorce is simply to forgo the assistance of an attorney altogether, and pay the court filing fees and walk away. Yet this is not necessarily true.

Read on to learn about how a lawyer may be able to assist you in uncontested divorce proceedings, and contact Tinny, Meyer & Piccarreto, P.A. today for all your divorce-related needs. Whether you’re going through a contested or uncontested dissolution of marriage, our Clearwater divorce lawyers have the skills and experience you need.

The Benefits of an Attorney in an Uncontested Divorce

While uncontested divorces are generally much easier from an emotional perspective than contested divorces, it is still a good idea to hire an attorney in any divorce proceeding, just so you always have someone on your side to protect your best interests. The right lawyer will aid in any negotiations, and help you and your ex-spouse come to an arrangement that is fair and amicable. There are also technical aspects in an uncontested divorce which your attorney can handle. Filling out and filing paperwork is much easier with the assistance of seasoned divorce counsel.

In the state of Florida, you do not need to file a ground for an uncontested divorce. That said, you will need to file what is known as a “Petition for Simplified Dissolution.”

In most cases, to file a Petition for Simplified Dissolution you must meet certain criteria, including:

  1. You must not have any children under the age of 18
  2. One spouse cannot be pregnant
  3. At least 1 spouse must have lived in the state for at least 6 months
  4. Both spouses must agree on property and debt division
  5. Neither spouse must seek alimony
  6. Both spouses must agree the marriage is broken and decide that a Simplified Dissolution of the marriage is their best option

A lawyer can help parse through all these points between you and your spouse, and ultimately assist in filing the petition in the circuit court clerk’s office in the county where you and your spouse live. A lawyer can also help you fill out a “Final Judgment of Simplified Dissolution of Marriage.” You and your ex-partner will have to attend a court hearing, at which point a judge will be able to sign the Final Judgment, and you will be officially divorced.

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