Why You Should Stay Off Social Media During a Divorce

Divorce is rarely an easy time for most couples. Emotions tend to run high, and people often say things in the heat of the moment they don’t mean later. Because of this tendency toward emotional volatility, it’s best to stay away from social media use during this time.

Social media has never been more popular. It allows us easy access to stay in contact with family, friends, and casual acquaintances. It’s also an easy way to vent if you’re feeling frustrated. For example, if you’re going through a divorce and write a rant on Facebook about how much you hate your ex, this post can be viewed by not only your family and friends but also by anyone who cares to find it.

While your family might agree with you, the attorney of your ex might also see the post and use it against you in court. If the post uses foul language, he or she could claim you have a terrible temper and might be a bad influence on your children. This claim might not be valid, but your social media post could work against you.

Social media is also an easy way to share pictures. If you post a picture that contains too much information about an unhealthy lifestyle, for example posting something showing drugs or alcohol, it could sway the judge’s opinion regarding whether you’re fit to parent your children.

Do yourself a favor and avoid social media sites for however long your divorce takes. This avoidance might be difficult for you to handle if you love social media, but it will help you survive the divorce process without any unnecessary conflict exploited by your ex’s attorney.

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