Child Support

Common Myths About Child Support

Understanding the truth behind child support is crucial to avoid unnecessary confusion and frustration. Sadly, outdated information has caused many myths and misconceptions about it to circulate.

Taking the time to confirm facts can benefit those who are currently seeking or receiving child support in major ways! Don't be misled by these common misunderstandings - make sure you know exactly what your rights are when it comes to child support payments.

3 Common Child Support Misconceptions

To ensure your child support case is handled correctly, it's essential to recognize and reject the myths that surround this area of law. For an educated perspective on why these beliefs are inaccurate, dive into some of the most popular misconceptions found here.

Myth: Parents Without Custody Don't Have to Pay Child Support

Parents are responsible for providing financial assistance to their offspring, regardless of proximity or frequency of visits. The custodial parent is typically exempt from this requirement since they already cover daily costs associated with the child's living arrangements, but even they can be subject to certain conditions in a child support order.

Myth: You Can Never Change Child Support Payments

Don't be fooled by the myth that you can't change child support payments - it's simply not true! If there is a notable shift in circumstances associated with your current order, either one of the parties receiving or paying support may petition to adjust the amount paid. This often happens if there has been an important switch financially for either side or when children have medical costs that need additional financial coverage.

Myth: Parents Can Always Stop Paying Child Support When the Child Turns 18

In Texas, parents are typically required to provide financial support until their children reach the age of 18. However, if the child is still in high school or college at this point, then payments must be continued until they either graduate or turn 19 – whichever occurs first.

Also, the obligation to pay child support debt never ends – not even bankruptcy can discharge child support arrears.

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