How Do I Know If I Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

If you’re planning to get a divorce, you aren’t thinking about it on your wedding day. It’s sad and frustrating to start thinking about the terms of your divorce while you’re preparing to get married. The potential for a marriage to fail is a serious concern for couples who have amassed financial assets and property they hope to protect if their marriage ends prematurely. While it may have a bad reputation in many circles, prenuptial agreements serve an important purpose for many couples and help provide clarity should the marriage sadly end in divorce. The average couple assumes that if celebrities are getting prenuptial agreements, that must mean there’s no way they could need one. That’s not true! You don’t have to be extraordinarily wealthy or even rich to need a prenuptial agreement.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Creating Your Prenuptial Agreement

If you are unsure if you need a prenuptial agreement, start by asking yourself these three questions about your situation.

  • What is Your Risk Level?

Almost half of all marriages end in divorce. While it may be difficult to discuss with your partner, you have to acknowledge there’s a 50/50 chance your marriage will be successful. What level of risk are you comfortable managing with respect to your property, assets, and financial health?

  • Are You Bringing High Value or Heirloom Assets to the Marriage?

If you have a share in a family business or an inheritance that is headed your way, you stand to lose a portion of that in a divorce if you haven’t made provisions to protect it. A prenuptial agreement can be crafted to represent the issues that are important to the party be represented in the prenuptial agreement.

  • Do You Have Expectations?

When people think about prenuptial agreements, they immediately think about money and assets. Money and assets are an important part of a prenuptial agreement if that’s important to you. If you have expectations about how certain scenario situations will be managed in your marriage. Will you combine your finances? Will you share debts? What are your expectations in the marriage? If you’ve discussed these topics with your partner? This is an important time to discuss these issues.

Legal Representation in Florida

A prenuptial agreement may not be the right instrument for you. There are other legal provisions that may better fit your situation. What is important is that couples understand that a prenuptial agreement is not only for those with high-value assets or for couples with business interests that need protection. If you think a prenuptial agreement would make sense in your situation, an experienced divorce lawyer can help you draft the perfect document to meet your needs. The attorneys at Tinny, Meyer & Piccarreto, P.A., can help you with your prenuptial agreement today! If you’re still not sure if you need one, then our attorneys can also answer any of the questions you may have about your options.Call us at (727) 245-9009 to schedule a consultation.